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A Poem to the King

This is a poem written by a Chinese journalist for Ms. Dang Viet Nga and Crazy House during her Dalat trip. She stayed in Honeymoon room, Crazy House for 4 days. Below is her outcome: 

A Poem to the King
I came with a broken heart,
but left with a stronger soul.
The King makes me believe and see
there can be a Kingdom.
My eyes once travelled with your gracile finger,
from the girl on dragon above a cloud line,
so slowly, so tenderly,
up to the sharp roof,
fell like a meteor on your moon.
Under this unpredictable sky,
In this life full of changing faces,
Within this ever confusing world,
Tell me, prove me,
What can be ever more beautiful
than this traveling line you took me on
"I''m the princess on the moon,
I'm flying a long way to it."
I'm flying to the sky too.
Our shared dream,
Our shared anima in life.
They judge us boldly as unrealistic,
Only you and me
We know
We are making the best combination of
Passion, hard work
and courage towards pain
You have a castle,
I have a pen,
Except from that
We have nothing.
Life death past,
We talked and laughed over,
hugged each other tight,
for the most sincere connection
we built in only 6 hours.
But we leaked love out,
Love is too mysterious too painful,
Love is better drunk with alcohol.
In your most mysterious garden,
the music plays often "A time for us",
A time for us.
The generous King invited me
to stay in her favorite No.1 Honeymoon room
So stupid must I be
I can not only fall deeply in love with two men
But also with the King's guest room.
Heavy in the heart.
Our King Nga,
In your Kingdom,
I'm not mean to bow to you
to deliver my deepest respect,
to call myself Your Villager,
for your forever sincere eyes,
for your waves of tender love,
for your unfading beauty;
For your exploding talent and unceasing passion
to make the most dreamy imagination,
in the most limited world.
I'll be back,
together with my own better Kingdom.
By Chen Teng
In No.1 Honeymoon Room, Crazy House
Da Lat, Vietnam
Sept 24th, 2013
Deep night

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