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A letter from a Russian lady

Below is a letter from a Russian lady to Ms. Dang Viet Nga:

Dear Dang Viet Nga,
While standing on a balcony I was watching the city. Not the common city. One of my own. I was crying. Because of the feeling of freedom, I should say, pure freedom, filled me. For the first time since I was a child. Your home, your world gave it to me. For a shame, I can't even express what I want with words. Because no words can size as fit my feelings. I am eager to say thank you for this chance to feel real again. 
Chance to feel Alice's Wonderland. Feel every secand of life. Feel the power of imagination. And the main thing - to regrain a belief in miracles to exist. I express my deepest fratitude for your worls, for all your works and for every centimeter of this place. I know many people, my friends, whose lives would find here new sense, new believes and hopes. Hopes for the possibility of dreams' embodiment. And the main thing - the strongest belief in ne's own powers and powers of one's creativeness. Really. Deeply.

Thank You.
Long life to your world!

Nastya Venchikova
P/S: I would have really liked to talk to you, but I's deeply touched by your world. It would be too difficult for me to bear a highly emotionally - demanding talk.

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