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Crazy House Land Eagle room

Land Eagle Room

Prices start at: 2,070,000 per night

Price for 2 people: 2,070,000 and Price for 4 person: 2,670,000 VND

This is a very spacious room that has it’s own balcony with views to Crazy House garden.

The first detail that stands out is that it features 2 Queen size beds, that have been built in following the organic shapes of the chamber. One of those beds incorporates a window with views to the garden so you can enjoy natural light while you rest. The room also features a fireplace in the middle for when you want to enjoy a cozy moment. The private bathroom has a custom made stone bathtub that’s big enough for 2 persons, making it great for couples who want some romantic time together.

The whole room follows Crazy House principles: There are no right angles in the space, with wavy walls that have been hand plastered with organic shapes. The room is tastefully decorated with handcrafted local wood furniture, in dark oak colors, that contrast with the whites and pastels of the structure, creating a welcoming atmosphere. All in order to take the room beyond it’s architectural limits, and recreate a habitat specially designed for modern humans.


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Extra Adult

Prepare the room for one extra guest, with breakfast included, Related

Price: 350,000 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Free children accommodation

Free accommodation for children under 8 years old Related

Price: Free

Extra breakfast

Enjoy an extra breakfast for one of the room guests. Related

Price: 150,000 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

2 extra children

Prepare the room for 2 children from 8 to 12 years old or 1 adult. No breakfast included. Related

Price: 230,000 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

1 Extra children

Prepare the room to accommodate a child from  to 12 years old, or 2 children under 8 years old. No breakfast included Related

Price: 140,000 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

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